Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Detailed Steal

Details, no matter how big or small they are, are there for a reason.

Having taken up Journalism subjects back in college, details were very crucial parts in writing articles, reports, reviews, etc. In sentences, for example, the simplest adjective, verb or adverb can make or break a statement or even a whole thought.

This goes the same when it comes to clothes. I am no fashion expert, as much as possible, I stick to the basics and the classics, and just accessorize. I realized though, that a simple top or dress can look very unique and original when accentuated with the right accessories.

My mom is one stickler for details. She got me this steal which she thought was simply my style. I liked the dress so much that I wore it to a coffee-filled afternoon spent with my sister A, and after, went straight to a night out with friends! =)

Love this detail on the shoulders!

Necklace: Swarovski, a gift from Ate Gladys who lives in Austria

Shoes: Westberry Black by Aldo

Watch: Casio | Rings: from Carbon Market

Waiting for my White Chocolate Mocha. Dress from Carbon Market. :)


  1. As they say, love is in the details! I still wonder how you could walk in those heels! :D

  2. Hi D, welcome to the blogosphere.:) I am one of Ate Ai´s avid fan.:) I already saw you on tv during your PBB days. And I just learned that you and Ate Ai are siblings in fb.hehehe. You are so beautiful D.

    And the dress looks very classy. Di mailhan nga sa Carbon gipalit.:)

    I´ll add you to my blogroll. more power!

    1. Julai, thank you so much for the support and for your kind words. =)

      And yes, Carbon gikan ang dress. Hehe! I love it when I see cool finds for such a cheap price! Who says fashion has to be expensive? ;)

      Much love!


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