Monday, March 19, 2012

Photographing The Photographer

Her name is Aileen, also known as the big sister. My big sister.

Growing up, I looked up to her for almost about everything. And one of those is her fashion sense. Though she never really considers herself fashionable (she prefers comfort over style), I have always thought that her sense of style is classy, age-appropriate, and neat. I remember her telling me to always be careful with what to wear. "We have to be cautious as to the length of our dress and how low our necklines should go. Sexy, not slutty."

She's my favorite blogger, photographer and friend.

As a blogger, she is always mindful with what she writes about, how she writes it, and why she writes about it in the first place. As a photographer, she has a very keen eye on capturing the right angles, and the subject's true essence. As a sister and a friend, well, that's another story for me to share next time. Otherwise, it's going to take me at least two full pages of this blog to write about her. Haha!

Taken last week at UP Diliman. I love how her bright, playful top goes perfectly
with those dark denim jeans and unique accessories.
Top: Adore | Pants: Marks & Spencer | Wedges: M&Co. | Bag: Kate Spade.

Bangle and Owl Ring: Carbon market finds | Watch: Omega.


  1. You Ate is truly an inspiration Miss D.. She´s my photography idol!

  2. your Ate looks great;-) and i cant believe she's in her late 30s...she looks late 20s max;-) and i agree,she always carries herself with grace and the way she dresses is always classic;-)

  3. Yes, your ate Aileen is one great inspiration not just to the blogger/photography world but as a good rather great person in and out ... I am a big fan of her and of course to the ever pretty writer behind this blog {everytime mu-gawas ka sa TV can't help brag with my friends here sa US}... keep up the good work and more power to your blooming career and passion in photography D --- pa-autograph unya ko ninyo duha sa imo ate kung makauli pohon :)


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